The cabin dorm shake-up (Camp Story #2)

It was the afternoon and my boys began the walk back to the cabin after eating with the other campers. They were excited.

“The food was so good….I never ate spaghetti like that before!”

“…yeah…I can’t wait to swim!”

We could see our destination in view…but something was different. There was a minivan in front of it.

“Dan? Is that your car?”

“No, that isn’t…not sure whose car that is.”

And just like that the car drove away.

“Oh, it was probably nothing. Maybe dropping off toilet paper…because you guys used it all.”

The boys stopped to look at a tree and I walked into the cabin alone….and was met with by a boy with a broom….cleaning.

I greeted him…””

He replied with a smile, “I love cleaning….I love brooms….clean clean clean…broom broom broom.” I watched him sweep the floor with such enthusiasm.

I left the cleaning boy in the room and walked outside and ran into two more boys outside.

“Mister? Mister? Are you in cabin A?”

“Yes…me and my boys are in cabin A.”

“So are we!!” The two boys hugged each other.

“I am Evan…and this is Cameron. We are best friends…but I wish we were brothers. But we live on the same street…so we are kinda like brothers…”

“Yeah! We are street brothers….brothers from the streets….” And they hugged each other again.

“Well…nice to meet you street brothers…I am Dan. Let me introduce you to my boys.”

The new boys followed me into the cabin…and walked into a heated battle.

“Dan Dan! This boy with the broom…he stole our fruit snacks….he was chewing when we walked in….and you don’t chew like that unless it’s a fruit snack. If he was eating chips it would be crunchy noises…he is eating our snacks.”

My boys were angry….and the cleaning boy was speechless. He was outnumbered and apparently knew the two boys that walked in with me.

“Cameron…Evan! You know I wouldn’t steal fruit snacks. I only eat strawberry flavored things…and those have no strawberry flavored things. Tell them…tell them I don’t steal.” He looked at the two boys.

Cameron looked at the boy in distress and said, “My armpit smells weird….but his doesn’t. I take more showers than he does…but why does my armpit smell weird.”

That didn’t help the sweeping boy’s cause.

I looked for someone responsible…and again realized it was me. I had to figure out a solution. This could get ugly.

“Ok, give me the fruit snack box. How many are in this box? Ok. The box says 42 snacks. How many did you guys eat already?” I looked at my four boys.





“Ok, that’s seven. Now, I will pour out all the snack packs and see if more than seven are missing. 42 minus 7…is what?”

My boys just stared at me speechless.

“..that’s right, 35. Thanks for nothing boys.” I laughed outloud.

All seven boys watched me count each snack.

“…31…..32….33…34. That’s 34 snacks.”

My boys exploded.

“SEE Dan! The boy with the broom ate one of our snacks.”

I didn’t know what to do…or say. I took charge, and now the evidence pointed towards the boy who loved to clean. I had to bring justice to this cabin filled with fruit snack wrappers and smelly armpits. One of my boys rose his hand.

“Actually I ate another one….so I ate three.”

Cameron, Evan, and the boy with the broom cheered.

My boys were silent.

“Ok, that settles it. No one stole anything….boys, this is Cameron, Evan…and what is your name broom guy?”


“Ok, this is Zack. We are all going to be roomies now…we good? Here is the fruit snack box…and here is some deodorant for you and your armpit issue.”

The door opened. And a man in his forties walked in…

“Hey…hey…what’s going on in here?”

Next camp story……”The Counselor.”


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