Movie Binge.

I love movies. My DVR is filled with movies that I have seen…and movies that I want to see. And my job gives me the opportunity to watch lots of movies. I just finally finished The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and I am exhausted. Why? Because it was non-stop action…I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie! I didn’t pause it to get up and get food once…and that’s a big deal. Because when my stomach is involved, whatever it wants is usually more important than anything else. And this is a long movie….like two and a half hours….without snacking…that’s gotta be a personal record. I laughed…I cried…it was romantic.

You kinda get depressed that this stuff never really happened. I could totally see myself in this film…would I be a mysterious asian knight who jumps into battle to fight the dragon?

Or maybe the mysterious asian ruler who sends his army to help the poor dwarves getting smashed?

Or the mysterious asian archer elf who can snipe helpless orcs from far away with Orlando Bloom?

One thing is for sure…I would totally be mysterious…and asian.

What makes this even more fun is that I was nominated for a Dragon’s Loyalty award by threehandsoneheart! A movie with a dragon in it…and now an award with a dragon in it.


Her blog is awesome. It’s funny, heart-warming, and inspiring. You have to check it out…or you might be visited by a mysterious asian.

Here are seven things about myself.

  1. I love reading. Right now, I am reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Sadly, I do most of my reading while I am on the toilet. Too much information? Probably. That reminds me, I need to eat more fiber.
  2. I just became a pescatarian. Well, what is that Dan? Simmer down silly goose, I will tell you. A person who chooses to not eat any meat besides fish. Yes, I talk about food a lot. Yes, I eat a lot of food. And yes, I am hungry now. But, now it just involves nuts…berries…granola…and fish. I can’t give up sushi. And if I go to your house…and you have a fish tank…beware.
  3. I do not drink anything in glass cups. I only use mugs. Yes, that’s weird. For some reason, I think any liquid in glass tastes weird.
  4. I hate roller coasters. I get dizzy easily. Besides, have you ridden in a car with my wife? That’s kinda like riding a roller coaster.
  5. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I can eat one everyday.
  6. I hate four-way stop sign intersections. Why? Because they are too confusing…and no one ever knows when its their turn to go. And it usually ends with me receiving a middle finger from another driver.
  7. I wish I could grow normal facial hair. Beards are in right now right? I have this weird thing happening on my face where only one side of my face grows hair. I have no clue what that is…its not on WEBMD. Don’t worry, I checked. Maybe I should join the circus? Be the famous man with a face that only grows hair on the right side of his face. You would pay to see that, right? I can see it now. Lines of people…ooh’ing and ahh’ing

“Whoa…look at that guy. He’s so mysterious……and……weird.”

Fooled you, didn’t I. (Mad props if you got that joke!)

(Next post is an award post also.)


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