Summer’s over….

I woke up this morning and checked on my little one. She was still asleep. I became emotional….summer’s over. In a few days, she will be walking down the halls of her school as a second grader. Same girl as last year…but taller…more sassy….and with her two front teeth missing. It made me sad. She developed a strong love for catching Pokemon this summer….took swimming lessons….and even had a huge crush on two dancing boys on America’s Got Talent. She found new favorite foods and realized how brave she was. Her goldfish….and her friend Pam passed away, so she learned about “loss” for the first time.

So, starting Monday, she will be learning second grader stuff…and I will be back in the coffee shop. No more watching cartoons together in the morning. No more playing basketball at the park. No more secret trips to McDonald’s to get her a happy meal. No random conversations about animals, tv shows, food…and whatever pops in her head.

“Daddy…what is wrong with Meatball(Our dog)?

“What do you mean?”

“She keeps farting…it really stinks…what is wrong with her butt?”

For the last few months, I heard her laugh and giggle all day. My countdown to next summer begins…have a great school year, my love.

Bug with Piplup, her favorite Pokemon.

Bug with Piplup, her favorite Pokemon.

Hello morning traffic. Hello waking up early. Hello coffee. And hello awkward conversations with random coffee drinkers.

Last week…


Thank you so much amommasview for nominating me for this award! Her blog is awesome! I really connect with this blog…I love reading blogs about parenting and what other parents are experiencing. She writes about everything…and even has a section on how people have fallen in love. Now who doesn’t like a happy ending? Check her out please!

Here are the questions she has for her nominees.

  1. Sweet or sour?

Both! I have a huge sweet tooth. And my all-time favorite thing to snack on is sweet and sour gummy worms. Specifically:

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers!

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers!

But, I don’t discriminate. I love all types of sour gummies…worms…bears. I love cheesecake. I love carrot cake. I love lasagna. I love spaghetti. I love funnel cakes. I love pizza. I love cereal. I love coconut stuff. I love chocolate. I love caramel. Whoa, I am getting way too excited. I just gained weight writing this whole paragraph.

2. Early bird or night owl.

Early bird. I like waking up early, just because I like to take advantage of the whole day. Besides, if I sleep past 8 AM, one of two things will happen. Wifey will wake me up…or little one will wake me up. I am an extremely light sleeper and they know that. In fact, my wife will have random conversations with me in the middle night for no reason. She knows that if she says anything…anything…I will hear it and respond.


“Hon…did you call your sister yesterday?”

“What? No…I didn’t.”

“You have to call her.”

“Ok…but seriously, what can I do about that now.”

3. Summer or winter?

Winter. I hate hot weather. Yes, summertimes means BBQs….going to fairs…water parks. But, it also brings sun burns, sweating too much…and having a sunburnt bald head sucks. Winter brings holidays. And I love holidays.

4. What’s your most important tradition?

It used to be Disneyland every year. But, whoa, 500.00 just for tickets. That wasn’t possible every year. We would have a great time. But, be broke when we got home.

Honestly, we really don’t have one. Looks like I have a new project.

5. Who would you be stuck on an island with?

My family. I would miss them too much if I was by myself.

6. Bungee jumping or white-water rafting?

No to both! I am afraid of heights. And for some reason when people white-water raft on TV, it always leads to a waterfall…and never ends well. I am not outdoorsy at all. My idea of adventure is going to a coffee shop and hoping the guy at the counter heard me say “soy milk please.” I am lactose intolerant…and have had many days where the guy at the counter ignored the soy milk. Curse you Starbucks!!

7. What mythical creature would you like to have as a pet?

A dragon…I love them. I love Game of Thrones. I love The Lord of Rings. All that fantasy stuff.

8. Favorite number and why?

Any number less than my actual weight.


15 thoughts on “Summer’s over….

  1. I miss their days of preschool, Pokemon, tea parties, games with Webkinz, and all the other fun, but I celebrate their days of high school, the silly sass and teen attitude and minecraft and tumblr and instagram and doctor who and benedict cumberbatch, or is that benzedrine crymeariver… My kids are so smart and so cool and so funny, and I love them completely and they know it.

  2. Jeff is growing so fast these days! I look back at pictures from when we brought him home and I am in tears.. of course that could be because I am hormonal and pregnant.. But I miss those days!

    • Its so crazy how fast they grow! I remember all the times when we bought clothes for her when she was a baby..and then realizing she couldnt fit any of it a week later lol! I tear up anytime I see any commercial that has a father and daughter in it lol

  3. Oh they grow up way too fast… My oldest will hit the teenage years soon. Where did that time go? He was just a baby and then I turn around and he’s a teenager!

    Loved your answers 🙂

  4. I could never understand why parents sigh ” it’s about time they go back to school”, being happy and content when school holidays are finally over. I always love that time when my little girl, who isn’t as little anymore (16 yrs old) is gone again most of the day.
    By the way, I loved your answer about your favorite number…I know just what you mean!

    • I know! I am really gonna miss those days just spending time with her all day…waking up at 5 in the morning really made me realize how much I will miss waking up at 7 in the morning lol. lol, thanks!!

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