My familiar seat.

I sat down in my favorite seat at the coffee shop. And not much later, a lady walked up to the long table I was sitting at.

“Hello? Excuse me hello? Mind if we sit here?”

“No, of course not…go ahead.”

The ladies sat down and the competition began.

“So…did you hear about ____. She just started taking Italian classes. I am so happy school started…she is so tired from all her ballet recitals, piano recitals, and science camps. She told me she wants to be the next Giada de Laurentiis.”

“Oh really? I should tell ____. She just started playing the harp. She said the piano was way too easy for her. I can’t pull her away from that instrument…gosh, if she isn’t playing classical music she is either reading books that are way too difficult for her grade. But, she is quite the reader…but she has to find books that are for 5th graders…because her classroom’s books are not advanced enough for her. She should talk to you little one about Italy, she spent the summer there…and took cooking classes with world-famous chefs.”

I pulled off my headphones and listened to the ladies continually compare each other’s kids. They turned to look at me as if I was a referee and would help decide who had the most talented kid.

One of them spoke..

“Do you have any kids?”

“I do…a 7 year old. Her name is Lainy…but we call her Bug.”

“Bug? Oh…that’s cute. Did you guys do anything during the summer?”

“Well, yes. She took swimming lessons. She didn’t pass her swimming tests. But, I was so proud to see how happy she was in the pool. She was sad that she didn’t pass, but I told her she was awesome. And that she would be winning gold medals for the Olympic swim team in no time. But, she just started playing Pokemon video games. I love it. I love video games, so it makes me smile when she asks me questions about it. Kids love video games…and sometimes you just have to let a kid be a kid, am I right?”

The ladies smiled. They both pulled out their smartphones and compared schedules.

“Let’s do this again? When are you available? I can’t at all the next few days. I have tennis lessons…and who knows where my husband is taking me on vacation…last year it was the Caribbean…and now its supposed to be a surprise because he got a huge promotion at work. What would his job do without him? He practically owns that company.”

“Hmm…next week is not good for me either. I just took up rock-climbing. And my legs are killing me. I don’t know how my husband does it? He has already run four 26 mile marathons this year….and now he wants to do Iron man. He is a mad man. We are so fortunate that he runs his own company…he makes his own hours and has all the time in the world to do what he wants.”

I laughed.

“Well, I will be here all week…looking at funny cat videos and playing video games on this laptop.”

They walked off and the man who always talks about oatmeal took their place.

“Hey there young man…what you eating there? Granola? That’s good for you…I ate some oatmeal with maple syrup in it today…it really helps my stomach. Lots of fiber…lots of fiber. Oatmeal is important if you need fiber. But, I would eat it even if I didn’t need fiber…”

Finally a conversation I can appreciate….


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