The innocent. (Daily Prompt)


I don’t rant much. And I apologize for this posting.

But this daily prompt speaks to me. It asks us about the last time we felt helpless. And honestly for me, it happens more than a few times a day.

If you know me or have read my past blogs, you will know my past….my history…and what happened to me as a child.

It formed me into the man I am today and gave me what I wanted to focus my life on….the innocent….the children….the little ones who do not have a voice in this world.

I stood in front of my little one’s classroom yesterday and watched her with her friends. They were laughing…giggling. It made me so happy. But, there are things that are hard to explain to her. A few months ago, we passed by a flashing sign on the freeway.


A little voice spoke from the backseat.

“Daddy? What is that? Child……what?”

I didn’t know how to explain it…but I had to.

“Baby…that means kidnapped. A child was kidnapped.”

It was meant with silence. I paused.

“But? Why Daddy? Why would someone want to take a kid…that is not theirs.”

“Baby, the world is filled with good people…nice people….kind people. But, there are some who are not kind….not nice…not good. The person who did that is one of the bad people.”

So, at that moment, my little one knew learned that evil people exist. She did not know why someone would do that. I did not go further into why someone would do that.

That is one example where I feel helpless. I read the news…and it is filled with crimes and violence against children…it angers me…it sickens me…and my heart breaks daily for the children. How do we tell our little ones that the world can be cruel? That there are people who have no moral fiber in their being….that there are people who have no problem harming them.

And it’s not just violence against the children. It’s bad parents….parents who leave their kids in the car on extremely hot days. Parents who hurt their kids. My social media feed is filled with tragic stories where kids are affected. But that is why I fight, I get involved. And put myself in a position where I can help the future of the children and help if I can. I have coached youth sports for over 10 years. And I may coach your child on the fundamentals of the game, but it is more than that. There are life lessons that are taught on that playground…on that court…on that field. And that becomes a foundation, a foundation that hopefully spills out into other aspects of their life. Teamwork….adapting….and respecting each other. And soon, that will move from the gym…field…court…into a classroom. Where I can teach history…english…and help them prepare for what is really out there….and what we can do to help.

*Mic drop*

Are you going to be the next one to pick up the microphone? There are listeners…you just have to speak.


18 thoughts on “The innocent. (Daily Prompt)

  1. Agreed.
    This is why I cannot watch a whole lot of the news anymore. Before having my daughter, it was heartbreaking to read or see these real life horror stories… Then, after having her, my emotions have been affected ten-fold.
    Reality can be a frightening place and at the rate humanity is declining, I fear the future.

      • It is really sad this is what has become of the human race. This is also what sadly separates us from many other parents. You are either too caring or do not care enough these days.
        I’m pretty sure we landed right in the the middle 🙂

  2. I am pregnant now, so hormones rage.. I have to hide those stories because it goes 1 of 2 ways… I cry… or I get super angry.. neither is good for me at the moment… but I am sad.

  3. I think the world has always been this way but we are so supersaturated with every negative tale now, thanks to the internet and fast communication. It has become an type of entertainment. Luckily, the same source of bd news spreads positive news such as that you impart every time you tell a story about your family. This is part of the power you have. Being a good parent and spreading the news of it!

  4. My daughter has seen the scars on my body and held my hand as I get wheeled to theatre for surgery. She knows about my childhood, and I have tried to assure her that there are more good people than bad in this world. She has seen me talk to new detectives on how to approach the children they will see who have been abused. She knows about my book and the content. I tell her good people can be a force for change in this world. It is confronting when you have a child, wanting to protect them and shield them. xx

    • I haven’t told my little one about my past…but i am sure it will come up one day. You have a book? I would like to read it! Thank you for sharing this information…you are extremely brave and I admire you!

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