My perfect day. (Daily Prompt)

24 hours is not enough. And we really don’t have all those hours to use. Let’s figure this out…


Woke up at 6:35.

Walked out the door at 7:20.

Dropped off Bug at 8:15.

Sat in coffee shop(writing, video games, watching funny cat videos) from 8:35-12:15.

Worked from 12:30-5:30.

Drove home, arrived at 6:45.

Cooked dinner for Bug…and ate at 7:30.

Watched TV with Bug until 9:00, put her to bed.

Wifey walks in at 9:45.

Watch TV together until 10:30.

She goes to bed, I work-out until 11:00.

Shower, in bed by 11:10.

Play Hearthstone until midnight.

Wake up at 6:25.

Putting your schedule in a list puts things in perspective…and it is depressing. If I calculate it, this is how much time was spent with Bug and wifey.

Bug-Three hours and 10 minutes.

Wifey-45 minutes.

That’s less than four hours with my family. So, I spent the rest of the day in traffic, sleeping, at work, or in a coffee shop. But, I am sure my day doesn’t look too different from yours…well, minus the funny kitty videos.

Our lives are dictated for us. We don’t get to create our schedule. We have obligations…we have jobs…we have things to take care of. But, today’s prompt asks us what our perfect day would be if we had no obligations…nothing holding us back.

Here’s mine:

  1. Breakfast

How many of us actually eat breakfast? I love breakfast….eggs…bacon…hash browns…waffles…pancakes. But, how often do we get to do that? We wake up in a rush and enter our own individual worlds. We grab a coffee…and that’s breakfast. So my perfect day would start with breakfast….at a buffet. Unending plates of bacon…and this stuff:

...please don't drool on my blog page.

…please don’t drool on my blog page.

Bananas foster…on waffles. I had this once at a buffet and they had to tell me to leave the place. Yes, that is caramel sauce….and yes, it is awesome. Perfect start to my perfect day.

2. Rides at Disney World

I know what you are thinking.

“Whoa, Dan. You went from a breakfast buffet place…to rides at Disneyworld. How is this possible? Did you teleport there? Do you have special powers that we don’t know about? Is the buffet place next to Disney world? Which Disney world did you go to? How many waffles did you eat?”

And I would say:

“OK, you ask way too many questions. But, yes, I do have special super powers. Like, the power to make food in front of me disappear. The special power to make any conversation awkward. And to recite lyrics verbatim to random rap/pop music from the 90’s at any moment during that awkward conversation. But, we are not talking about that right now. We are talking about my perfect day…and my perfect day will be in different places all over the world…at any moment. ”

After my plates of waffles….and rides at Disney World. I will probably be hungry again.

3. Lunch

So lunch will be at City Winery in Napa, Ca. And I would eat one of two things.

Steak and Eggs Benedict topped with a chipotle dressing or the Breakfast All Day Burger(Angus burger with maple syrup, fried egg, hash browns, and bacon.) I know, right?

4. Shopping at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

This mall has over 500 stores…so that’s over 500 places for wifey to spend money. Also, Nickelodeon Universe…an amusement park in the mall! A perfect place for Bug to get her giggles and wiggles out.

5. Baseball game at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

I have loved baseball since I was six years old…and nothing makes me feel more at home than this beautiful park. The sound of the crack of the bat while eating a plate of garlic fries brings tears to my eyes.

6. Sunset on a beach in Hawaii

The beaches in Hawaii are beautiful. I imagine watching my little one swimming in the blue water….wifey playing with the dogs in the sand…and me with one of those neon blue drinks with the tiny umbrella in it. Pure heaven.

I know what you are thinking…

“Whoa, Dan. Dogs? How did you bring the dogs? Did they teleport too? Where were they for the first five things on your list? Are dogs even allowed on beaches? You do clean up after them after they do their “business” on the beach? Because that’s gross…and not good for the environment.”

And I would say.

“Ok..look…no the dogs didn’t go to the first five things. I teleported back and picked them up, ok? I have that power remember? And yes, I do clean up after they do their business…unless if they do their “business” on a neighbor’s lawn that I don’t like…then I just leave it there. And I know that is not good for the environment. And why are you arguing with me?”

And then we would apologize to each other…and give each other a high-five.

7. Times Square in New York

So much to do…so much to see. Watching the big screens and bright lights while we people watch. It’s time to eat again.

8. Deep dish pizza in Chicago.

We flew to Chicago last year for a wedding…and had a chance to eat deep dish pizza…and our lives have not been the same since.

9. Back home with my BFFs or a family party.

We spend time with two other married couples and their little ones…and it is always fun. Whether it’s having dinner…or playing inappropriate board games, I treasure it immensely. I have a huge extended family…and we find any reason we can to throw a party. And they have themes so we dress up sometimes. Filled with food…gossip…and loud voices.

10.  Watching TV with Bug and wifey.

11. Video games until I fall asleep (Dragon Age, Mass Effect Series, Hearthstone)

My perfect day.


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