Prescription for a sad tummy. (Daily Prompt)

I was watching cartoons with Bug one night…and a weird commercial popped up during one of her favorite shows.

A commercial for medicine. It started with a lady in all white…running through a field of daisies. She picked one up…smelled it and burst into a fit of laughter. Then the scene changed to a man with his son….he was playing catch with him in his backyard while the family dog tried to chase the ball. Beautiful…but while all those scenes were playing, the narrator was saying this:

“Life is busy….you have family…you have things to do…you have relationships to build. We know your time is precious…and sometimes you just can’t slow down. Don’t let diarrhea stop you from doing what matters most.”

Whoa whoa…a lady running in a field of daisies? A father playing catch with his son? What does this have to do with diarrhea? Does diarrhea stop you from building relationships?

But, I am sure you have seen commercials like this…advertising different kinds of medicines to cure anything. You got a cold? No problem. Take this. You feel nauseated? Try this. You allergic to unicorns? I have the perfect pill for you.

So, today’s daily prompt talks about pills. A specific pill that would eliminate the need to eat anything all day. This one little pill would take care of all the nutrition you need….and all the essential vitamins and minerals…keep you full. No, it doesn’t exist. But, would you take it if you could?

Do you know me, WordPress? Do you know how much I talk about food on this blog?

No, I would not take it. I love eating. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love going to restaurants and figuring out what to eat. I love eating new things in different places. I love trying things that I have never had before. Yes, I know what I eat is not nutritious….but look that piece of carrot cake I had yesterday HAD carrots in it…so that doesn’t make it that different from a salad. Also, the french fries I ate….those are potatoes….and last time I checked, potatoes were vegetables. And what about the pack of Skittles I ate? Thats basically real fruit in tiny candy form.

Imagine a world where every person took these pills. How different our world would be? What would happen to the Food Network? No more Bobby Flay? No more Rachael Ray? What would Thanksgiving look like? Sometimes, we hide behind our paper plates filled with goodies to escape awkward family conversation. Would we all just sit at a table and take the pill together? I know, it’s a heartwarming scene.

“Ok everyone…settle down….instead of carving the family turkey…I will be in charge of handing out these nutritious pills. And while I do that…let’s mention one thing we are thankful for.”

Food brings people together. Think about a really happy memory you have….I bet it involved some type of food.

And what about your social media? How many of your friends post pictures of food? If you check my Instagram, half my posts are of food. I love looking at pictures of your food. I might not “like” that picture of you climbing that tall mountain with the caption:

“Took three hours to get here….but the blood sweat and tears was worth it.”

But, I sure did “like” the pic you took after with your celebration hamburger at the bottom of that tall mountain with this caption:

“Double bacon cheeseburger…fries and a milkshake. I deserve this!”

You do deserve that. And we should enjoy food. And if you won’t eat it…I will.


4 thoughts on “Prescription for a sad tummy. (Daily Prompt)

  1. I love to eat as well. A pill wouldn’t give you the taste sensations you get from food. Which is really my downfall. If I want to watch my diet, I have to not even have a taste of wicked sweets, the evil carbs, the comfort food, or the candy that’s just waiting to start a binge. Because once I taste it my mouth cries out for more and more and more. I do wish there was a pill to make me skinny. 🙂

  2. Well, Captain Kirk and Bones McCoy already tried your idea! When I was young I was fascinated by the replicator aboard the Starship Enterprise, surprising Scotty with a bright blue block accompanied with some red pills. I never understood why the replicator could make anything, and then it would spew out that??

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