Seven-year old sing-a-long.

I pulled up my Spotify app and hit play on a playlist. I check my back mirror and see my little one bobbing her head and singing the lyrics to the first song. I join in and she starts to laugh.

“I really really really really really really like you…and I want you want me? do you want me too?”

The next song comes up….and again we sing it along together.

“…where do the good boys go to hide away…hide away…I’m a good good girl who needs a little company…”

I started to think. Why do I know all these lyrics? Why do I share the same enthusiasm as she does when singing these songs? A man in his mid-thirties singing about mean boys and teenage emotions.

When we spend time with people we care about, we tend to gravitate towards their likes and dislikes.

I dropped her off and got back in my car to drive to the coffee shop. I looked at that Spotify list and laughed to myself…

“No…that’s Bug’s playlist…doesn’t make sense for me to play this when she isn’t here.”

But, I pushed play. And it became a sing-a-long without the seven-year old.

“Give it to me I’m worth it…baby I’m  worth it. Uh huh I’m worth it…gimme gimme I’m worth it.”

I was gone….I disappeared in a world of teenage pop lyrics….I sang…and sang loud….without realizing my windows to my car were still rolled down…and still parked in the front of school. My mind snapped back to reality and looked to see if anyone heard or saw my embarrassing rendition to Fifth Harmony’s song. I looked to my right and saw a father that I knew walking by with his kid…both staring at me. He laughs and says…

“I think you are worth it Dan….uh huh you’re worth it.”

Good one, Dan.

And if you want to sing-a-long….here’s the video:

And if you are feeling extra sing-y…here’s my little one’s new favorite song.


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