You are never too old to play “dress up.”

As parents, it is our job to play detective. We observe our little ones…see if everything is ok with slight interrogation techniques. Sometimes, we jump to conclusions during this process…and go a little overboard.

“I don’t feel well..I think I should stay home from school.”

“What? What’s wrong? You have a fever? You have a cold? Let me feel your forehead. Why don’t you want to school? Someone being mean to you? Who is it? Who is bullying you? Who is being mean to you…just tell me. I will take care of it…tell me, baby, who is bullying you?”

All that from the simple phrase “I don’t feel well.”

But, we don’t just figure stuff like that out…we observe what our little ones like…and what they are interested in. And that’s the fun part.

A few months ago, we went to the state fair. It was a day of fun and empty calories. I literally couldn’t say no to any food vendor. But, near the end of our day I ran across a booth advertising an anime convention coming in the beginning of September. I grabbed a poster and looked at my little one.

“Hmm…maybe she would want to go to this.” Now if you don’t know what “anime” is..

anime-a style of Japanese film and television, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

Now, I am sure you have heard of conventions like this…a huge gathering of vendors selling stuff, meetings, autographs of famous people in the industry. I have never been to a festival of anything…so I had no idea what to expect. Would we be bored? Would we regret paying the admission price?

So, as a detective I spoke to my partner in crime…my wife.

“You think she would like this?”

And we gathered our clues….and spoke about the evidence.

“Well, she loves Pokemon….and video games. Would they have that stuff there?”

We tabled that discussion til we could do more research. We pulled up the laptop and looked at past anime conventions…and saw conclusive evidence. Ok, we are going. Next question, do we dress up?

This is my partner in crime’s specialty.

“Yes, we have to…we can’t just show up. We have to go all in.”

Months passed, and we didn’t have a costume yet. And the idea came to be powerpuff girls.


Bug would be Blossom(pink one). Wifey would be Buttercup(green one.)

And no I would NOT be Bubbles(blue one.)

Blossom and Buttercup.

Blossom and Buttercup.

We pulled up to the convention center and noticed one thing. No costumes…no one was dressed up. I felt panic in the car.

We purchased tickets and I watched my little one scan the crowd and look for others that were dressed up. We walked in….and all our mouths dropped.

“MOMMY MOMMY…that’s a pokemon over there….and that…that girl…she is in Steven Universe….and that boy…he…he is from Gravity Falls.”

People were dressed up everywhere. You are never too old to play “dress up.” And it wasn’t just one person from one cartoon…like a milion “elsas or annas” from Frozen. But, if a group of friends went together, they each dressed up as a different character from their favorite show or video game. And, it wasn’t just kids…in fact, it was more adults dressed up than kids. The costumes were elaborate…intricate…and extremely detailed. They were created by hand. Look at these guys:

Blossom, three guys with costumes made out of soda cans...and a random bald asian guy.

Blossom, three guys with costumes made out of soda cans…and a random bald asian guy.

There was something for everyone. If you like Harry Potter….plenty of Harry Potter costumes. You like Disney?


Commander Shepard(Mass Effect Series) Yes, this guy made his costume.

You like video games? Commander Shepard(Mass Effect Series) Yes, this guy made his costume.

Blossom and Lucario

You like Pokemon? Blossom and Lucario

Blossom, Rose Quartz from Steven Universe, and Buttercup.

You like cartoons? Blossom, Rose Quartz from Steven Universe, and Buttercup.

This guy speaks truth.

What about this guy? This guy speaks truth.

The whole crew!

The whole powerpuff crew!

I know what you are thinking…

“Whoa whoa…slow down Dan. I see things Bug likes…and see things that you liked. What about wifey?”

Well, she loved all of it. But, what she loved most was not a part of the convention. It was this guy:



She spent time with Junior, my cousin’s lovable and gassy Bulldog. She took care of him the whole day before the convention…and talked about him the whole car ride to the convention…and the car ride home from the convention.

And yes, I know what you are thinking.

“Whoa…hold on Dan. Not one picture of food in this post? Not one….we know you love to eat…”

And I would say:

“Gosh, you guys know me so well…”

Fried octopus....delicious.

Fried octopus….delicious.

We definitely can’t wait for the next one in January.

Power puff girls in regular clothes...and that bald asian guy again.

Power puff girls in regular clothes…and that bald asian guy again.


21 thoughts on “You are never too old to play “dress up.”

  1. On my phone this looked like “You’re never too old to play Dr” It cut off the ess part. lol Your wife and daughter were adorable!! And you definitely should have dressed up as Bubble!! lol
    Not sure about the fried octopus…
    The convention looked fun and the costumes were amazing. Thanks for the peek into a world I’ll probably never encounter.

  2. Oh man I love looking at the photos from BlizzCon… You wanna see people dedicated to a game!! It is so awesome, hoping to go one year.. M’s parents live in California where it is, so there is hope.. and built in baby sitters… LOL

  3. This is a great part of being a parent (of course, I love Halloween).
    My daughter loves Big Hero Six and wants us to dress like the characters, so it’s what I’m making.
    Glad to see you all had a great time! Smiles say a ton 🙂

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