You are never too old to play dress up. (Part 2, Renaissance Fair Edition)

Seeing people in regular clothes can be boring. So, last week we decided to go to the Renaissance Fair.

(Personal note: I love anything that has to do with this time period. Dragons…knights saving damsels in distress…renegade archers saving peasants from rich nobles who are up to no good…)

I hopped in my horse and carriage with my queen and princess and headed towards the local caffeine watering hole(Starbucks’s).

“Huzzah, my fair queen…I bid thee…what dost you desire from this fair rectangular screen that asks us what we want-eth to drink-eth?”

“…stop. The usual…extra shot of espresso if you are going to talk like that all day.”

“..Huzzah…and for the fair maiden in the back? Your finest milk from your most noble cow mixed with chocolate….and a croissant…with chocolate in-eth it…eth.”

And two hours later, we parked at the faire. We geeked out on the elaborate costumes. There were knights, fairies, executioners, pirates, and peasants. But, it was hard to focus on all that…it was way too hot. The temperature was over 100 degrees and air conditioning did not exist during the renaissance era. And we noticed something else too, the renaissance era is EXPENSIVE. You want a mug made of wood…800 shillings please(80 dollars)…how about a small fake shield for your little knight in training, please pull out 40 bucks. And what about the rides? You see that porch swing with a guy dressed up as a peasant pushing it to make it move? Yeah, that’s five bucks.

photo 2

My fair maidens.

“…prithee, what is the cost of thy finest fish with fries from the french? By my troth! That is muy cray cray…pardon us, whilst we take our leave.”

I know what you are thinking.

“Whoa, Dan. I don’t think they used the phrase ‘cray-cray’ during that time…and didn’t you mix in some spanish there?”

And I would say, “Yes, you are very inquisitive. And yes, I did mix some spanish in there…and I am sure you are impressed with my spanish speaking skills. Spanish 4 for the win….well, you really shouldn’t be too impressed, everyone knows what ‘muy’ means…you give me way too much credit my friend.”

Yes, basketball shorts existed in the Renaissance Era. Check your textbooks.

Yes, basketball shorts existed in the Renaissance Era. Check your textbooks.

A few hours later, we needed to find shade and a place to sit. And prepared to watch a show with knights jousting. This is where the real fun began. My little one loved it, she cheered for her section’s knight and worried for his safety during the sword fight.

Bug with The Scotland Knight.

Bug with The Scotland Knight.

After the show, we decided to head towards a present day marketplace…a shopping mall. Goodbye to booths selling chalices and medieval jewelry…fare thee well to stands carving up wooden swords and bows….and hello to air conditioning…fast food…and shopping bags with with goodies for wifey.

Burnt, but all smiles.

Burnt, but all smiles.


15 thoughts on “You are never too old to play dress up. (Part 2, Renaissance Fair Edition)

  1. Oh my goodness I have always wanted to go! And I would SO be one of the people dressing up! Looks like fun!
    Not going to lie, I may or may not give in to buy a corset from one of those. They are so well made – or so I have heard.
    Gah! Glad you had fun! (Wife’s response was hilarious.)

  2. The renfaires in Southern CA, we typically avoid because they are all too damn HOT. (and dusty, dirty, and all those people… and their heavy costumes, and hair. Everything is hot, dirty, and stinky.) EW. (and expensive) and the food is gross.

    Otherwise, we’d totally go.

    I had some friends really into this whole thing. One gal would go to LA to get “cheaper” fabric and spent her days sewing with her machine and would make dresses and special things for her man that matched her dress.

    We’d have pool parties, and their friends would come, and one guy was literally making his own “chain mail” He had little teeny washers, and pliers and was snapping them together (like he was crocheting) into something to wear over his head/chest. It looked awesome, but heavy.

    These folks would drive out to the middle of San Diego open area (nowhere), with horses, and have mock battles (fake, heavy swords) and everyone would camp in tents. Cook over open fire. I was invited a couple of times, but didn’t have “garb.” and I was like… hmmm, do I really want to camp out with these people? And pee/poop in the middle of nature? What if some hairy, stinky dude came on to me?

    I nicely declined. But YEA for those that like that sort of thing. šŸ™‚

    • Oh my gosh….I can’t even imagine how hot a renfaire would be in southern california. I hate hot weather…in fact, anything over 73 degrees is too hot for me lol. We were sweating all day…and spending so much money on drinks, it was crazy. My wife wants to buy a sewing machine so she can can make us costumes to these events…especially the ones we go to for our little one. We actually have a “heroes and villains” convention next month that we are looking forward to! And eww, using the bathroom in the middle of nowhere lol. You know me, I am not a camper…so that would not fly with me lol.

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