Giving in.

My athletic director interrupted me during practice the other day.

“Dan….I need your cell number…I know we primarily communicate through email…but if I need to speak with you immediately…what’s your number.”

I replied, “I don’t have one.”

He stopped, “have a what? A phone? A cell phone?”

“Yes…I don’t have one. I just don’t really need one.”

He laughed, “ok…email it is then.”

He walked off the court and I turned to see what my team was doing….each player was either texting or taking selfies.

I’ve had a phone in the past…but decided I didn’t need one 7 months ago. Before that I was always on my phone…listening to music….crushing candy….clashing with your clan….taking pictures of every single meal I ate. And then one day it all stopped. No more tweets…no more youtube. No GPS. And first it was tough…standing in line was more boring. Sitting in a restaurant was more boring….commercials on tv had to be watched instead of ignored. But it made me more aware of how cell phones have taken over our world. People pay with their cell phones…take endless pictures…update their statuses…build their video game collection…look up anything on the net…all while strolling down the street. I felt left out.

I felt like an alien. I wasn’t a part of that world.

“Did you see what _____ posted? Oh my gosh..”

No, I didn’t.

“Did you read that thing on yahoo?”

No, I didn’t.

“You play that new game? I’m crazy addicted to it.”

No, I didn’t.

I was starting to miss it. And it affected other aspects of my life. I actually had to write down directions for places I had never been to. No more GPS. And my hand writing is I would get lost every single time. What if I was stuck in traffic? I couldn’t even call my work to tell them. And if anyone had to reach me….they would call wifey. She became my personal secretary.

“Call your mom. She’s worried about you.”

“Call your sister.”

“Call the school district. You have a message.”

I give up. Please take me back cell phone world. I want to be a part of you again. I have so many things I want to tell you.

So starting tomorrow…I will crush candy again…I will invade your clan…I will send you endless funny cat videos…and articles that will probably annoy you. Food will not escape my cell phone camera…and random tweets will be spread into the atmosphere.

Look out.


15 thoughts on “Giving in.

  1. You know you can get a basic cell phone so that people can reach you, without being lured into the whole “smart” world. Of course, you’d still have to give up GPS, videos and Twitter. Personally, I can do without them.

      • Not too long ago, I would have argued with you about the constant need for GPS. But when my daughter and I got lost on our mini-wine tour, she had GPS, and I didn’t. Who do you think got us back on the right road? Now I’m seriously considering getting a GPS of my own.

      • Yeah, I drove to a game and couldn’t figure how to get home. I drove around the town for a half hour and got us farther than when we started lol. I had to pull into a gas station and the cashier actually said, “You don’t have GPS on your phone?” lol

  2. Good try. The GPS thing is ultra important (when I’m looking for a soccer venue)- otherwise, I wouldn’t really need my phone. Sometimes, I would forget it, head off to work, and my husband is like (at the end of the day) – tried to get a hold of you, when I called…I found your phone at home. Oh, yeah!

  3. My husband tells me all the time, he doesn’t need a phone and could get by without one. But I know he would miss it. He would constantly be telling me to text the kids or call them when we’re on the way to see them. He just has a flip phone and they’d have to pry it out of his cold dead fingers to switch him to a smart phone.
    There is a peace in being disconnected from the electronic world though. I am currently doing 30 days without fakebook, I mean facebook. I’m 7 days in and I’ve really only missed it a lot one day. Otherwise, I’m getting more done, connecting with people in different ways and not missing the drama, the bragging, the shaming, (people’s food pictures – ha), etc… So much about it I don’t like.

    7 months is a long time without a phone. Good for you!

    • I missed being to update social media…especially seeing all the pics that people would post on instagram…and twitter gets news incredibly fast…so i would find stuff earlier than radio or TV. Plus I needed people to be able to contact me in case of emergency…

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