Wildest dreams. (Daily Prompt)

The mom in her mid-thirties called her son and daughter to the dinner table.


A few seconds later, her five year-old daughter sat at the table. The boy was missing.

“Jill…get your brother….it’s dinner.”

He walked in carrying a small yellow FM radio in his hand and turned it on as he sat at the table.

His mother shot him an angry look.

“No radio while we are eating…we are going to eat and that does not belong on the table.”

The disappointed 9 year-old started to whine.

“But…Mom…the radio DJ said that he would be playing a New Kids on the Block song after the commercial break…and it might be Hangin’ Tough…that’s my favorite song.”

“I don’t care…eat first…turn off the radio…Danilo!”

The boy knew he lost that battle…she used his name in tagalog…and that meant trouble for him if he kept fighting.

He finished his food and turned the radio back on. The end of his favorite song trailed off…

“…that was the New Kids on the Block….and we are giving away tickets to their concert…caller 99 gets them.”

His eyes opened wide.

“Mom….Mom….Mom!!!! They are coming here….a concert…we have to go…please please…”

“No….we can’t go…that’s expensive.”

He walked away dejected and sad. He stared at the family christmas tree and saw a few presents with his name on it. He knew what he wanted for christmas now.

Tickets….concert tickets.

He called the radio station every time a contest came on….no luck. His mother watched him grab the phone and try over and over again.

A week later, during dinner his mom turned to him.

“…so…we got you and your sister an extra present this year….that group you like…the Kids in the the neigborhood? Or…the Neighborhood kids from the block?”

He freaked out.

“What? New Kids on the Block? Tickets?”

She smiled.

“Yes…tickets…we are going next week.”

He couldn’t contain his happiness. His mom went out of her way to get this for him. She had no clue who this group was…what Hangin’ Tough was….but she did her research and got him what he wanted.

Yes, that embarrassing little kid was me. Yes, I loved New Kids on the Block as a kid….yes, I cried at the concert. Yes, that was probably information I should have kept to myself. But, hey, I was 9 ok?

Today’s daily prompt talks about a gift you really wanted as a kid…but never received. I know what you are saying.

“Dan..hello. You got what you wanted…the prompt says something you NEVER received.

And I would say.

“…ok..ok. I’m not finished yet…keep reading..geez, you are pushy today.”

Its not about me. It’s about Bug.

On our long car rides in the morning, I play a mix of music for her to listen to. I look back at the mirror to see what she likes and doesn’t. And at the beginning of the year, I noticed that she knew all the words to certain songs….she would sing and dance…and pretend she had a mic in her hand….and all the songs came from one artist.

Taylor Swift.

Now, granted….if you know me….I LOVE Taylor Swift….and have since her first album.

She released her latest album and Bug was all over it. She loved every single song that was released on the radio.

She was coming to the bay area. And we planned to get tickets to this concert. At the time it was mostly for me, but I realized that she became Bug’s favorite singer. She watched all her videos on Youtube. She wanted to see every performance she had on TV. The day came and the concert sold out in an hour. It was impossible. I checked other ticket sites and other sellers were selling tickets for 500 a piece. And those were for bad seats.

Every morning we would drive to school and she would hear this:

“Hi…this is Taylor Swift…come see me when I visit the Bay area…” And a montage of her songs would play and a little tiny voice from the back would speak up.

“We are going right? Daddy? We love Taylor Swift. See? She said she wants to visit us. I can’t wait to meet her.”

And I would say, “I’m trying baby…We are going to try our best ok?”

I entered contests on her website…and I tried calling radio stations every time I could. I felt like the same 9 year-old trying to win New Kids on the Block tickets. This time, it was a different result.

Sold out….and sellers were selling them for 5 times the price of a normal ticket. The concert was in a week and I checked one last time for prices. Nothing less than 1000 each. No way…

Bug knew we couldn’t go. It just didn’t make sense to pay that much for 3 tickets…that’s 3000 dollars.

“Baby, next time I promise. Ok? I am sorry. We just can’t go right now.”

“I…I…I really want to meet her.”

“I know, baby. I promise next time, ok?”

Time passed, and I thought maybe this would be a phase. She would lose her love for Taylor Swift and move on to another musician.

Nope. She started watching videos from her past albums….and knows the words to those songs too. She is an even bigger fan now. I owe her this. My mom did this for me and my sister. And now, wifey and I have to do this for her. As a parent, it is heartbreaking to not be able to give your child what they want.

That’s a promise I absolutely cannot break.

(Wildest Dreams? Why is this post called that? It’s Taylor Swift’s latest single, silly goose.”) And just for fun, here is the video.



2 thoughts on “Wildest dreams. (Daily Prompt)

  1. I just recently tried to win Taylor Swift tickets on the radio when she came to Des Moines. I had been hinting around that I wanted the tickets for my birthday, but my husband didn’t think I was serious 😦 As a former New Kid on the Block lover as well (who never got to go to one of their concerts) this post hit me on two levels. I feel your pain!

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