I hate shots.

Doesn’t matter how old I am, this is me when a doctor walks in to give me a shot.
(On the outside)
“This arm doc? Ok.”
(Inside my head)
“Oh my gosh…..oh my gosh…that needle is huge. Why is the doctor smiling? Does she know something I don’t? Do I look funny right now? Wait, maybe it’s my arm? Whoa…it looks real dry…did I forget to put lotion on it? She’s laughing at my dry arm…how rude. I mean look at her arm…its not perfect. Well excuse me miss perfect arm. Some of us were not born with immaculate arms ok? Look away…geez that hurts. I should have put lotion on…my arm game is not on point. Did I just say ‘arm game’? Who says that?

Doc: All done…

Me: Thank you miss perfect arm…

Doc: Excuse me?

Me: Nothing.


11 thoughts on “I hate shots.

  1. I hate shots as well and have never once looked as one was being given to me.

    Also have to tell you once again that your blog name is still my favorite of all. I’ll let you know if you ever slip in the ranking…Judy

  2. I once told the person to take the blood from my right arm (vs left) due to me being able to handle it a bit more.

    She LAUGHED at me and snidely said, “When you have a baby, are you on going to have it out of the ride side only?”

    that B**CH.

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