The last laugh.

The coach brought his team into the empty gym.

“Looks like we are early? Or someone cancelled the game without telling us..”

The girls laughed. One girl said outloud:

“We probably weren’t gonna win anyway.”

The coach replied..

“Do not discount your ability girls. Have faith in yourself and your teammates, ok? I know we are tired….you guys have played your hearts out….let’s finish strong ok?”

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Coach…Coach Dan….over here….welcome to St. Helena. How was your drive?”

The coach walked over and shook his hand.

“Good man…good….thanks for having us. Looks like we are pretty early.”

He watched as his girls started to prepare for the game and the gym started to slowly fill up with parents and students.

The coach from Saint Helena showed the man around the gym and started to talk about the upcoming game.

He leaned over to him and whispered.

“Look…coach Dan….how about I sit my best players out to give you guys a better chance? Make it more competitive? You want me to do that?”

The coach was bothered by that statement.

He leaned over and said outloud…

“No…play your best coach…my girls will play their best…and let’s see what happens ok? My girls don’t need any favors from your team.”

He walked away.

But, he was offended by that statement. His mind began to race.

“What was that about? They are counting my girls out already? Think we are pushovers?”

He decided to keep that discussion to himself.

The game started and the coach from Saint Helena kept his word…he played his best. He didn’t hold back…and his girls didn’t either. They were aggressive. They were relentless.

But, the visiting coach was ready. He prepared his girls….and they played their hearts out.

And when the final buzzer sound.

The scoreboard showed that they were no pushovers.

They had won….easily over the team from Saint Helena.

The proud coach watched his girls jump for joy and give each other hi-fives. He couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. He remembered the first time his team played Saint Helena…they humiliated his team. And that made this victory even more sweet.

He walked over to say goodbye to the coach from Saint Helena. His head was looking at the floor…still surprised about the outcome.

The visiting coach reached out his hand…and shook it…and while he walked away he said.

“Thanks for playing your best coach.”


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