“Coach….someone stinks.”

The coach walked in and watched his new team run around with endless energy. It was loud….it was different than the team he coached just a week ago. He spent two months coaching a girls basketball team. That season had ended. And a new one was beginning. This time, he was assigned to coach the boys basketball team. And in the first five minutes he could see the difference.

“Hey…hey…you in the orange shirt…please put him down…let’s not injure each other ok? Please put your teammate down.”

Laughs could be heard throughout the whole gym. It was time to start.

“Ok…everyone….sit on the bleachers.”

Fifteen boys ran to the bleachers…..no one was talking or laughing….all eyes were on the coach.

“Hey everyone…I’m Coach Dan….thanks for coming to practice today…there will be no tryouts…so congratulations…you are all on the team.”

He heard a few cheers in the crowd.

One boy raised his hand, “Coach….everyone makes the team? Even Brian? Cause he sucks…”

Brian reached over and punched the boy who said it.

“Yes…yes…ok guys. Let’s go over a few things first….on gamedays, I want you to dress up. I am not saying suits and ties….just a little better than school stuff ok?”

One boy raised his hand.

“I don’t have a tuxedo Coach…what do I wear?”

“No….no tuxedos guys…this isn’t prom…just maybe a collared shirt…something like that.”

The coach continued the talk with his new team.

“Ok, everyone got it? Any questions?”

One kid raised his hand.

“Can we make it mandatory for some boys to make sure they shower before they come to school? Someone stinks…”

The stinky boy stood up in his defense.

“Hey….we have a drought here in California. I am doing my part….you guys should be ashamed for wasting water on showers…”

The coach laughed.

“Ok..dude. Just for your sake….and for noses all over this campus. Please take a shower before you come to school.”

This season looks to be an interesting one.


7 thoughts on ““Coach….someone stinks.”

  1. I was going to leave you a comment about how different boys are from girls and how you will find that out as you coach this team, but then I realized, duh!, you are a male. lol I think you know already. I will be interested to read your experiences with this team.

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