Sorry, I’m busy…busy eating. (Daily prompt)

I apologize….I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. But, I have been busy….busy eating.


The holiday season is upon us. The only real time of the year we can say things like:


“…Tis the season.”

“Season’s Greetings….and a holiday filled with merryment for you and yours.”


“I can’t buckle my belt anymore because I ate too many of those Christmas cookies that were shaped like ugly sweaters.”

I love this season.

(Sarcasm starts here)

The long lines at the shopping malls…and oh the parking lots are fan-tastical(fantastic and magical at the same time) during this time of the year. It’s like playing the worst game of musical chairs…ever.

(Sarcasm ends here)

No, seriously, I do love this season. I love stepping outside and smelling the scent of burning chimneys. I love driving around neighborhoods and seeing all the elaborate christmas light displays on houses. I love all the time I get to spend with my family during the holidays. I love the christmas specials on tv…and cuddling with wifey under the blanket as we watch the Food Network on TV.

And I got right down to business once Halloween ended. After numerous pieces of candy that I had to sneak out of my little one’s candy sack, we had already planned feasts to share with our loved ones. We had a seafood feast with our BFFS.


Don’t worry…there were vegetables in there.

And don’t forget Thanksgiving.


And see that green leafy thing on the top left of the picture…that’s a vegetable of some sort too.

And don’t forget the dessert…and as usual, wifey killed it.


A German Chocolate Cake bar…enlarged to make your mouth water.

No, vegetables on that plate…but those chocolate chips are MILK chocolate chips, because I sure do need calcium. The more milk chocolate chips..the more calcium…the stronger my bones are so I can get up from my couch and grab another plate of food.

And check this place out.

Is it a night club? Is it an all you can eat Korean BBQ place? It was both! Well, more like the second option but the place had black lights and techno trance music on full blast the whole time you ate. Cause who doesn’t want to see what food stuck in someone’s teeth looks like in black light?

I know what you are thinking.

“Dan…I am looking at all these plates…and I see they all have one thing in common…you sure did eat a lot of sea critters this season. Poor sea critters, you are single-handedly forcing them into extinction. Stop Dan. Stop it now. Isn’t that crab in the first picture? Have you no compassion for crab? Did you NOT see ‘The Little Mermaid’?”

And I would say.

“Yes, I notice that now. But, seafood is like the only thing I can really eat. I don’t eat meat. And yes, I did see ‘The Little Mermaid.’ I love that movie…and still tear up when Ariel sings ‘Part of Your World.’ So please, get off my Snarflat Dinglehopper. Ok, that went too far. I shouldn’t have said that. Friends again? So I apologize for the plethora of sea things on these plates. But, thank you for noticing…and thank you for the opportunity to use the word ‘plethora’ in a sentence…cause I never really get to use that word in any sentence.”

Today’s daily prompt asks us to talk about a time when we said “Sorry, I’m busy”…and couldn’t help someone. And I haven’t been able to do that…because I’ve been busy…helping myself to another plate. But, I won’t do it anymore…I promise. Pinky promise.


29 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m busy…busy eating. (Daily prompt)

  1. Now I want crab and shrimp… with a bowl of rice of course. Because what type of Asian would I be if I didn’t eat it with rice?!?!

    But seriously, I missed your posts. Glad to see you were eating well.

    Ps: What is a vegetable? Those do not sound good. I do not like the sound of them. Green is not a natural color!

    • Haha! Thanks! My schedule is all over the place so writing has been inconsistent. I’m going to try my best to do at least one per week lol…have other writing projects in the mix too! Plus I need time for video games lol

      • I started ME!…. Just started before I got all caught up on Uncharted. And… I really need to play DAI again since I have my own old world game saves!
        Never played Borederlands… what is that about?

      • Oh my gosh…I love ME…the whole trilogy is a long emotional roller coaster…wait til you play ME3..holy crap, I cried so much lol. Borderlands is a shooter with RPG elements…level up…shoot stuff…crazy humor…and lots of crazy loot…I have never played uncharted before…that is definitely on my “must play list”

      • My must play list is almost unending. XD But yes! I am loving uncharted so far, even if I am freaking out….

        And I keep hearing that about ME! Which is why I started! I just…. real life doesn’t give me time for anything! Darn real life! Well…. mostly work. But I will get there! I am determined!

        I think they were looking for people to try ME Andromeda recently?

      • ME1 is crazy short….probably less than 20 hours. ME2 is big…and ME3 is huge. But, every decision you make affects the other games…so choose wisely lol. Really? I gotta check that out!

      • Yeah, I would check … or something like that. I don’t know. I have lost my mind somewhere. Let me know if you find it.

        And YAY! Honestly, I was hoping ME1 wasn’t too long. Because well… I just… I want to get to the good stuff!! But I love how what you do effects the future or how people see you. Adore it really! I just… SO EXCITED! ❤ Can you tell?

      • Thanks! Yeah there are only a few missions really that you have to focus on…but ME2 is epic…characters…and decisions…and the last hour of the game is emotionally exhausting lol

  2. I’m right there with you, where the sweets are concerned. We have eaten way, way too much candy leading up to Sinterklaas which is celebrated here in December 5. Little cookie like pepernoten, sugary soft candy schuimpjes, hard sweet candy in all kind of colors…yummy!

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