The award for worst boyfriend in 6th grade goes to…(Daily Prompt)

I woke up and looked in my closet. It was the first day of school…a new school. My mom was already awake and making breakfast. She appeared at my door.

Anak…kain na(Child…eat now.) And you’re uniform is on the chair…”

I looked to the chair in my room…there it was…uniform.

“Mom…it’s ugly…it’s brown…and white.”

She gave me the look. That look….that means ‘you better do it.’

It was the first day of 6th grade. I felt I had sacrificed enough…first my hair(I had a tail and students were not allowed to have long hair. And on a side note, I was later notified by ALL of my family that it was not a ‘tail’ but more of a mullet. How embarrassing.) And now my clothes.

I was dropped off and walked to my designated area for my grade. And something happened…I found out it wasn’t so bad at all. I quickly became friends with my classmates and fit in pretty well. Most of my classmates had been together since kindergarten so I was scared that I would never feel a “part” of the group.


A couple of months passed and I received an invitation from a classmate. It was a birthday party. I casually asked some of my new friends:

“Are you guys going? Who else is going? Any of the girls?”

And soon found out everyone was going. I was excited. NOW, people could see what I really dressed like. No more brown and white uniform. When I got home I attacked my closet.

“Uhh…this….and that…no. This one…No.” I was in there forever. This was a big deal to me. The very first time my classmates would see me in regular clothes. It had to be my best outfit.

After I was satisfied with my fashion choices, I had peace. The party was this weekend. I had never been to a party like this before…every other party involved McDonald’s(which is pretty sad). This was a big kid’s party. My mind raced.

“Will there be dancing? I don’t even really know how to do any of that?”

I grabbed the remote and changed the channel to MTV. And Bobby Brown invaded my TV screen.

I practiced in front of a mirror…and looked ridiculous. This? This is how you are supposed to dance? Oh well, I gotta do it. New kid…new school…new dance moves, I guess.

The day came and I was ready. I stood in the mirror for an hour getting my hair ready….emptied a whole bottle of pink Dep hair gel…and finished it off with Aqua Net hair spray.

I kept thinking about dancing…about Bobby Brown.

“Every little step I take….you…will…be…there.” And I would practice the moves. Yup, still look ridiculous.

Maybe there wouldn’t be any dancing? But, I had to prepare.

After all that, my mother dropped me off.

“Be good Anak.”

“I will…mom.”

And walked into the party to hang out with my friends. A couple hours in I sat down on the couch to rest from a frantic video game battle on the Sega Genesis upstairs. I was not alone. There were two girls sitting on the couch across from me. One of them started to talk to me while the other one looked on.

“…i like your shirt.”

Yes! I am so glad you noticed…took me an hour to pick it out. Well, that’s what I said in my head. I really said this:

“Thanks, my mom got it from Miller’s Outpost.”

But, by the time I finished that sentence…one of the girls was walking towards me….I froze.

She stopped in front of me…and kissed me on the cheek.

“You’re cute.” And walked away.

Whoa, what just happened? The rest of the party was a blur. My mom picked me up.

“So, anak, how was the party? Did you have fun?”

“…Yes.” (i was still in shock)

“Well…what happened? Tell me about it. Were there any girls from your class there?”

“Nothing mom…ok? nothing…nothing ok? and girls? what about girls? nothing.”(I was frazzled.)

I just wanted to get home and hide in my room. I needed to process what had just happened. What would happen at school on Monday?

Monday came and it seemed like a normal day. I walked in and saw the girl…the girl who kissed my cheek. I was nervous. How am I supposed to react?

“Hi, Daniel.”


“Can I talk to you at recess? Nothing big.”


Great…what am I supposed to do?

The bell rang and I ran outside to receive my fate.

I sat down on a bench and watched my friends pick teams for football.

“Dan…you gonna play? Come…we are picking teams.”

“I can’t man…I hurt myself….uhh…so I have to sit here.”

I turned to the left and saw ….her….she walked up to me and handed me a note.


I grabbed the  note and looked to see if anyone saw me receive this letter. I walked to the bathroom as nonchalant as I could so I could open it up.

“Will you go out with me?”

Now things are different now…but back then it basically meant “will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?”

I didn’t know what to do. She was going to expect a response. This is happening way too fast. I mean, i just want to play video games and play basketball. I don’t want a…a…a…girlfriend. I don’t know how to treat a girlfriend…am I supposed to take her to the movies? Take her to fancy restaurants like Denny’s? I had no money…I received an allowance. I mentally calculated how much a date would cost.

“3.25 for matinee movies…popcorn….candy…grand slam at denny’s”

It was too much math…and I was not good at math. But, I didn’t want to be mean to her and say no. I was new…and I didn’t want her to hate me.

I walked up to her….

“Yes.” And I walked away.

What did I just do? I have a girlfriend now….I don’t even know how to spell her last name…wait, what is her last name? I imagined the future.

“Mom…Father…this is ____….” And she would turn to me.

“…I’m sorry my last name is ____. Did you forget my last name? Do you even know my last name? You don’t know me at all! You are the worst 6th grade boyfriend EVER.”

And she would run away…stop and turn and say.

“And by the way I lied…I didn’t like your shirt…”

What! That took me an hour to pick out!

Today’s daily prompt talks asks us about our funniest relationship story. We were all clueless when we were young…and I should have received the award for worst 6th grade boyfriend. Why? Well, I had no idea what I was supposed to do as a boyfriend. She gave me her phone number…I never called her. I was too awkward on the phone. And at school, I never hung out with her…because I was awkward and clueless. I did the exact opposite of what a boyfriend is supposed to do. Two weeks later, I received another letter from her…a letter to break up with me. Lesson learned.


8 thoughts on “The award for worst boyfriend in 6th grade goes to…(Daily Prompt)

  1. That… is adorably cute. XD Man, I never had a boyfriend during school, and it sounds like that is good. Because to be that nervous, psh. School and learning that darn flute was hard enough. *laughs*

    But still… adorable. The girl was probably so confused.

    • Yeah it’s funny cause we went to the same high school too…and during junior year that girl randomly said to me “just wanted to let you know you were a jerk in 6th grade…that’s all” I was like “what?”

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