Losing the ability to cry.


4 thoughts on “Losing the ability to cry.

  1. That is hard. It is something that I cannot explain. And luckily, I haven’t had to yet.
    Especially because my daughter is VERY soft hearted. Liked you said you were a crybaby? My daughter IS one. She gets teased about it. She has her mini-bullies and it just…
    She is softhearted. But you know what? I like having her that way. She CARES. She worries. She wants to help. She enjoys being with others and doing the right thing. She has a soft heart in a hard world. They will forever pick on her. I hope she can learn to be tough without hardening her heart.

    I … have a hard time being passionate about things a lot of the time. Because I used to get discouraged easily. No… Get discouraged a lot. There is a difference. Now it is ‘easily’.

    So, what can we do to fix? Fix the things around us, and watch it spread. What was it…. pass it forward? The kindness we do to other might spread to even more and hopefully it blooms. And sometimes it comes back. It can be fixed…. but it takes a lot of hearts to become unhardened. And there are many reasons why they are built up with walls around it. And it won’t be easy to bring them down. But once we do, it is then the changes will happen.

    Good luck.

    • My daughter is the same way! She just wants everyone to be friends…she is always trying to make sure everyone is having fun..its so sweet.I am constantly worrying about her being bullied…i hate bullies…i dealt with that when I was little also…it is traumatizing. But, bullying doesnt end when we get older…adults can be bullies too. I don’t want her to change also, the world is a tough and scary place and I don’t want her to turn cold. The world is running out of kind people….people are angry…and insensitive…and it spreads. It has to begin with the children…for adults it is much harder, we get set in our ways but once we start to pass it forward, it will spread like wildfire!! It starts with one act of kindness!

  2. Oh my friend, it is so hard to try to explain to a child what it is all about when we don’t know or understand ourselves. I was almost murdered at fifteen and live with the scars and long-term health issues. I can’t hide it from my daughter, so I have explained it as if in a children’s book, with villains and heroes. I quickly explain that a bad person hurt me, but focus on the medical staff, angels who sat with me and supported me and the miracle of having her with the help of IVF. It is so hard to shield our kids, but whatever news they pick up, we can always focus on those who helped or tried to.

    • Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing that…I am so sorry to hear that! You are extremely strong and brave…and all-around awesome! My little one is starting to understand that there are bad people out there…and good and evil exists. People can be so cruel in this world…and it gets harder to explain why people can be like that. And as a parent, it is a delicate situation…cause we don’t have all the answers to why some people can be so evil.

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