You are never too old to play dress up. (SacAnime #2)

Last year, we went to an anime convention in Sacramento…and we fell in love with it. My wife and little one dressed up….I didn’t. We could not wait til the next one. And after this Holiday season, it was back…it was time to play dress up. But what should we dress up as? Wifey got on it.


Tina Belcher and Jimmy Pesto Jr. from one of favorite TV shows…Bob’s Burgers!



Never heard of this show? Netflix baby!


No…I wasn’t trying to dress up as Justin Bieber.



We love this event. Our best friends came with us and brought their kids…and the kiddos loved it.



As you can see, Bug wanted to be Princess Leia.


Too much awesome in this picture.

As you can see Bug wanted to be Princess Leia…


She found a partner in crime…Rey.

We went on the busiest day….and the most expensive day. But, seeing the smiles on the faces of the kiddos…makes it all worth it. Seeing their favorite characters walking around and taking pictures…you can’t put a price on memories. On the drive home, me and wifey talked about the whole experience.


Wifey: We are such dorks.

Me: Not me…just look at my hair…it’s fabulous.

We do it for our little one. We want her to grow up remembering how her dorky parents dressed up for every event and convention….



9 thoughts on “You are never too old to play dress up. (SacAnime #2)

  1. I would love to do this. In fact, my husband and I have made a goal to one year to to ComiCon!
    No shame!
    and I would totally dress up. Sometimes the busiest day is the most fun because a lot of people who also dress up and enjoy the same stuff as you will be there. Sold. Gwah! I need to start going.

    • Thanks! It was so much fun…Halloween times ten lol. We can’t wait to go the next event…wifey is really creative with the costumes…she gets on pinterest..and in a few minutes she has a whole ensemble figured out lol

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