Cringe-worthy (Daily Prompt)

Face it, you think you are cool. We ALL think we are cool. Every day of our lives, we wake up….get ready for our day….pick out an outfit…look in the mirror after it’s all done…and we say this to ourselves:

“Oh yeah…that’s what I’m talkin about…look out world…cause guess who is about to step outside the door…me..yeah, that’s right…this guy right here…”

Wait, you don’t say that too? Fine, just me.

But, seriously, you probably like the way you dress…you like your hair…that’s why you wear your hair like that! You have your own style. And I may not know you in real life, but I am sure it is awesome!

And then one day, someone reminds you of what you looked like in the past…it could be a loved one, old friend, or cruel friend depending on the situation.

“Oh my gosh…look what i found!”

And boom…it’s on your Facebook page. And you remembered how you were really into Madonna or Vanilla Ice during that time….so you dressed like this:


..I know. Embarrassing right?


Or if you were a guy you dressed like this:


vanilla_ice 80s usa coat

…I know, right?


Unfortunately, I was the latter. I loved Vanilla Ice…I copied his dance moves. I memorized all his lyrics…and tried to talk like him.


“Hey, Dan! How’s it goin?”

“Oh you know…to the extreme….word to your mutha.”

What does that even mean? I know.

Why would I even use the word “extreme” there? People use that word when they want to describe heat…or exhaustion…or diarrhea.

A few weeks ago, a loved one found some old videos of me and my cousins as kids. We were at a birthday party playing a very excited game of musical chairs. In the video my hair was a mess….I had a cast on because I had sprained my wrist during basketball practice…and for some unknown reason, started to break out into dance. No, I won’t post it here, nice try though. I have no way to describe the dance…but it was a mix of bouncing and bobbing my head like a chicken and swinging from side to side punching from left to right. The mental image alone will make you dizzy. And just like that, it was posted on Facebook. I knew impending doom was coming because I started to receive text messages from people telling me to check Facebook NOW. But, I didn’t. I let the embarrassing video linger in social media. When I arrived home, my wife looked at me and started to giggle.

“Have you…uh….checked Facebook yet?”

And that’s when I saw it…and it was hilarious. Horrible yes, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

But we all have those moments….past pictures or videos we hope no one ever sees…but, we realize that the embarrassment will probably never end. Because you know that video of you doing your Karaoke version of that boy band? Yeah, it’s out there. Or that one wedding reception where you were a little too enthusiastic during “The Electric Slide” or “Funky Chicken” dance…yeah, someone has that.

And when that time bomb appears….on your wall…or in a text message thread sent to ALL of your friends and family…don’t get mad…you’re still cool.


Today’s daily prompt asks us what is more embarrassing…seeing yourself on camera…or your voice. Well, my voice is pretty annoying too…but, myself on camera is winning by just a bit.


15 thoughts on “Cringe-worthy (Daily Prompt)

  1. Really? Really?

    BTW: I still love those Green socks Roseanna Arquette is wearing. 🙂
    That Madonna look was AWESOME. Until she got those pointy steel boob things. That was ridiculous.

    You should show the pictures to your daughter and record what she says.

  2. Haha, yeah, I remember too! My younger days were a bit earlier then yours, I was a huge BeeGees fan. Saturday Night Fever…me and my girlfriends could do the group dance and take the stance like Travolta! Pointing to the…wait, what as he pointing at??

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