Me, boring?

I was half-listening to the radio on the way to work just minding my own business. When the radio guy started talking about a study he wanted to talk about. He said a list just came out with the “Most boring cities in California.”

I was a bit interested. And started to make internal guesses for which cities made the list. None of the cities I guessed were on the list…but that wasn’t the surprising part. This conversation was what got my attention:


“Well, what is this list judged on? Like, how do they actually calculate how ‘boring’ a city is?”

“…one of the categories is ‘the amount of people that live in the city that are over the age of 35.”

My face soured when I heard that.

Wait? What? Over 35? I am 36 years old. And according to this list…I am one of the reasons a city MAY be boring?

I reached my destination and sat in my car for a few minutes. I pulled out my Drivers License. This guy? The guy in this boring? I started to analyze my life.

Married. Yes. Kid. Yes. Stable jobs…yes. That’s boring? I thought about my hobbies.


Video games. Baseball. Basketball. Sports. Eating anything. Writing. Hanging out with friends. Is that not normal for a boring 36 year old man?

And I looked at my life now…compared to when I was 21.

At 21, I had not clue what I wanted. My major was Telecommunications…and I had no idea what that was. It just sounded cool to me at the time. I partied. And I was broke. But, life was an adventure. I had no idea where I would end up on a friday night…and that got me in trouble.


At 36, I am married. Have a kid. And have found a passion in writing. My fridays are now spent with my family watching TV together, exploring, but my life has become predictable. But, to me, predictable is safe. When I was younger, life was unpredictable and that got me in trouble. Now, I know what every day will be like. And I am happy with that.

Is it boring to want to be in bed at a reasonable hour? Is it boring to sit on my couch…channel surf and find a random documentary on honey badgers…and say outloud:

“..ooooh. Honey badgers….Watch out bird.”

Is it boring that I enjoy walking around Farmer’s Markets and buy fruits and vegetables?

Is it boring that I try to plan my days around areas that have the LEAST amount of people around?

Is it boring that my perfect night would be having dinner and watching a movie with my family surrounded by candy and popcorn with extra butter?

But, that’s adult life. I am not that unpredictable 21 year old guy who couldn’t stand being in one place longer than 5 minutes. I had to keep moving.

And at 36, I cherish every minute when I can STAY in one place with NOTHING to do.

21 year-olds wake up late. 36 year-olds wake up early every day because we have to. We have responsibilities. We make breakfast…and sit at our tables and say interesting things like:

“Hey hon, check this out..blankets are on sale at Target. Maybe we should go?”

We talk about the weather. And it is riveting.

“This really making it difficult on my commute.”


“I know we need the rain…due to the drought. And I hope that we can start watering our lawn again. Our front yard is looking a little brown right now.”

Exciting right? Or did you fall asleep reading this boring post written by a boring 36-year old?





19 thoughts on “Me, boring?

  1. Boring isn’t all bad. It usually means little or no problems. When my life is crazy and not dull is when there’s trouble on my life. I prefer dull. And if 36 is boring, imagine what 55 is like!!

  2. I may have been boring when I was younger, but now that I’m approaching my golden years, I’m making up for lost time. Kids are grown and on their own, finances are more or less stable – time to party! (if I can stay awake long enough to do so)

  3. Boring is what boring does. At forty-two with two teenagers in the house my life is ANYTHING BUT boring. If boring is defined by the mere fact that I don’t want (or more probably are unable) to party until the sun rises, well then I’m probably the most boring person I know.

  4. Hello again, Daniel!) I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – you know that challenge thing with Q&A 😉 You can find all the info in my post – feel free to refuse – or accept!)) Have a nice day!

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