Who am I?

Married to a cake pop making hottie. Father to a seven year old princess. Writer/Contributor for scarymommy.com.ย Writing is my passion and is a way for me to express what’s in my heart. My writings are pretty random so you never know what you will get. They can be about my experiences growing up with an abusive father or about the wonder that is reality TV.

For a different side of my writing…feel free to check this out.

socks writes


38 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. There is a saying that we think we are 3 different persons: We are the person we think we are. We are the person others think we are. We are the perso God knows we are.
    I try my best to fall in the latter category, but I’m not always successful!
    Great story!

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  4. It is awesome how your blog is set up. I cannot even…
    I have like three blogs for different subjects to have some sort of organization. And technically a site to help with others who want to learn to coupon! (I get asked a lot)
    The fact you somehow make it all work in one is utterly amazing. Plus you are a lot of fun to read.

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